Recent Publications

New Article: "Negotiating implementation of EU fiscal governance" by Camilla Mariotto in: Journal of European Integration, Published online: 30 Aug 2018 (Link)

New Article: "Germany and the EU: Managing Differentiation to Avoid Structural Segregation" by Andreas Maurer in: Kaeding M., Pollak J., Schmidt P. (eds) The Future of Europe. Palgrave Macmillan pp 41-44 (Link)

Doris Dialer, Margarethe Richter (Eds.)

Lobbying in the European Union

Strategies, Dynamics and Trends


- Sheds new light on how lobbying works in the European Union
- Offers essential insights into successful lobbying strategies
- Presents case studies on EU-US trade deals, and delivers insights into the transparency debate and post-Brexit Lobbying trends


New Article: "De-and re-bordering the Alpine Space: how Cross-border Cooperation Intertwines Spatial and Institutional Patterns of Exclusion and Inclusion, Subordination and Horizontality" by Melanie Plangger in: Journal of Borderlands Studies, Published online: 12 Jul 2018 (Link)

New Article: "Building something beautiful with stones: How regions adapt to, shape and transform the EU opportunity structure" by Melanie Plangger in: Regional & Federal Studies, Published online: 26 Jul 2017 (Link)


⭐ Best Student Paper Award 2018



New Review Article: "Foreign policy-making in North Africa: Shifting alliances, emerging rivals and ongoing crises" by Ingrid Heidlmayr-Chegdaly in: Mediterranean Politics, Published online: 11 Jun 2017 (Link)



New Article: "Parliamentary scrutiny as a function of interparliamentary cooperation among subnational parliaments" by Annegret Eppler and Andreas Maurer in: The Journal of Legislative Studies, Published online: 23 Jun 2017 (Link)



New Article: "Exploring the role of territorial actors in cross-border regions" by Melanie Plangger in: Territory, Politics, Governance, Published online: 13 Jun 2017 (Link)

New Working Paper: "Europe´s political, social, and economic (dis-)integration: Revisiting the Elephant in times of crises" by Annegret Eppler, Lisa H. Anders, Thomas Tuntschew

in: IHS Political Science Series 143 (Link)


The European Natural Gas Market Policy
Examining a Paradigm Shift

Johanna Pinggera


Europawissenschaftliche Reihe, Band 4
ISBN 978-3-902936-96-7


2016, innsbruck university press • iup
Preis: 34,90 Euro


Neue Auflage:

„Europa von A bis Z“

Herausgegeben von Weidenfeld, Werner; Wessels, Wolfgang

14. Auflage 2016, ca. 500 S., brosch., ca. 22 €

ISBN 978-3-8487-2654-7





Subnational Parliaments in the EU Multi-Level Parliamentary System

Taking Stock of the Post-Lisbon Era

Gabriele Abels, Annegret Eppler (Hrsg.)


Reihe: Foster Europe - International Studies Series, Band 3

ISBN: 978-3-7065-5396-4


2015, Studienverlag

Preis: 39,90 Euro


  • Andreas Maurer: Comparing EU and EFTA trade agreements: drivers, actors, benefits, and costs (2016), Studie im Auftrag des Think Tanks des Europäischen Parlaments (Download)


  • Martina Fürrutter, 'Book Review: The Success of Sanctions: Lessons Learned from the EU Experience, by Francesco Giumelli (Surrey/Burlington: Ashgate, 2013)' (2015) 20 European Foreign Affairs Review, Issue 3, pp. 459–462 (Download)
  • Eppler, Annegret/Staudigl, Fritz 2015:  Tirol als Akteur im EU-Mehrebenensystem, in: Karlhofer, Ferdinand/Pallaver, Günther (Hg.): Politik in Tirol. Jahrbuch 2015, Studienverlag Innsbruck - Wien - Bozen, S. 79-102.
  • Andreas Maurer: Europäisches Parlament, in: Werner Weidenfeld/Wolfgang Wessels (Ed.): Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2013, Baden-Baden, Nomos 2014, pp. 55-69.
  • Andreas Maurer: Die Kreationsfunktion des Europäischen Parlaments im Spannungsfeld zwischen Politisierungsimpulsen und Systemerfordernissen, in: Zeitschrift für Politik, Nr. 3/2014, pp. 301-326.
  • Andreas Maurer: Legislativmacht und Politisierung: Der Spagat des Europäischen Parlaments, in: Perspektiven ds, Nr. 1/2014, pp. 43-53
  • Wolf, Michael: Die Illusion vom europäischen Superstaat, Kommentar in Unipress, November 2014, S.30.
  • Scheller, Henrik/Eppler, Annegret (2014): European Disintegration – non-existing Phenomenon or a Blind Spot of European Integration Research?, Working Paper, Institute for European Integration Research, Wien. (Download)
  • Doris Dialer/Margarethe Richter (Hrsg.): Lobbying in der Europäischen Union. Zwischen Professionalisierung und Regulierung, Springer VS 2014
  • Andreas Maurer: Die EU muß sich selbst reformieren.. Interview, in: Luxemburger Wort, 4. April 2014 (Im Focus), S. 2-3. (Download)
  • Andreas Maurer: Steilvorlage für Populisten. Eine Antwort auf René Cuperus: Plädoyer für eine maßvolle EU, in: Berliner Republik, Nr. 5/2013. (Download)
  • Andreas Maurer: Der Preis der Stärke, in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 20. Oktober 2013 (Die Gegenwart), S. 7. (Download)
  • Pawel Glogowski/ Andreas Maurer: The European Citizens' Initiative - Chances, Constrains and Limits, Institute for Advanced Studies, Political Science Series, No. 134/2013, Vienna, 29 April 2013. (Download)
  • Andreas Maurer: From EMU to DEMU: The Democratic Legitimacy of the EU and the European Parliament, Istituto Affari Internazionali, Working Papers, No. 13/11, Rome, 4 April 2013. (Download)
  • Andreas Maurer: Institutionelle Ordnung der Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion – Anforderungen aus demokratiepolitischer Sicht, in: Neue Gesellschaft-Frankfurter Hefte, Nr. 1-2/2013, S. 43-47. (Download)