Melanie Plangger studied Political Science and continued with the Master program European Politics and Society at the University of Innsbruck. During her studies, she attended traineeships at the Austrian Embassy in Budapest, the country office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Bratislava and the European Parliament in Brussels.


In 2014, she graduated with a master’s thesis on the role of member state’s interests in the EU enlargement policy towards the Western Balkan countries.


Currently, she is writing her doctoral thesis on the meta-governing role of sub-national authorities in the Alpine macro-region. In particular, her work explores how sub-national authorities attempt to shape the macro-regional strategy for the Alpine region, and under what conditions they can exert influence. Therefore, she compares the concrete efforts and the effective impact of four different sub-national regions in the Alpine space.


Her main research interests focus on power dynamics, power shifts and interactions between different levels of the European Union, the role of sub-national authorities and the scope and impact of transnational region-building.

CV Melanie Plangger
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"De-and re-bordering the Alpine Space: how Cross-border Cooperation Intertwines Spatial and Institutional Patterns of Exclusion and Inclusion, Subordination and Horizontality" by Melanie Plangger in: Journal of Borderlands Studies, Published online: 12 Jul 2018 (Link

"Exploring the role of territorial actors in cross-border regions" by Melanie Plangger in: Territory, Politics, Governance, Published online: 13 Jun 2017 (Link)

"Building something beautiful with stones: How regions adapt to, shape and transform the EU opportunity structure" by Melanie Plangger in: Regional & Federal Studies, Published online: 26 Jul 2017 (Link⭐ Best Student Paper Award 2018